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Groundhog Day WHAT?

Hello Scrappy Friends!!!!

Let's talk about Groundhog Day. It is the day that never ends and always repeats itself, which means we keep scrapping the same layout on this day from last year. For some reason I didn't join last year, so today I am starting so that I keep scrapping the same layout year after year.

You have to click on the photo or video below to see how this layout turned out! I really love using this kit from The Scraproom. If you do not know what that's all about, click on the LINK to see more!

Also, I am still loving all the comments about the new sketchbook. Check out all the information below:

Lastly, join my Facebook Group! Our next Monthly Virtual Crop is Friday, 17 through Sunday 19th. Click on the LINK to join the group for information!!!!

Until Next Time! Stay safe and scrappy friends!!!

Miranda Webber

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