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Oh Boy! Oh Boy!

Hello Scrappy Friends!

I know it has been a long time since I have posted anything and really, I needed to get my mojo flowing again. The way I do it getting away from the computer and scrap room and I read! I ended up reading 4 books in one week! It is back!

I have an amazing video that is unlisted and only YOU get to see it if you look at my blog or part of my group!!! Whoop!! Whoop!!!

First -- I can't wait for you to get your hands on this bring it back collection called Zoe! I loved it and here are few of the layouts I have done already for this collection!

While we were stationed in Germany we went few Barfußpark (Barfoot Parks) and this was one of our favorite ones! It had flowers, dirt, pine cones and mud! KJ wasn't happy with the mud and that is whole different discussion!

But these two layouts are double page that I followed the instructions to the T and they turned out wonderful!

While Kaelynn was still around 3 years of age. She certainly knew how to steal my heart! I do remember this was during Mother's Day weekend or maybe during the summer! I never can remember nowadays!

Look at how the stamps and colors just go together perfectly!

Check out the YouTube Video for the full collection and be on the look out what I had put on there special for you!!!!

Stay Scrappy Friends:

Miranda Webber



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