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Expose Yourself

Hello Scrappy Friends!

This week's spread I wanted to show you how you can use your stamps for doodling. I am not really good at freehand drawing anything. Stamping is easier for me, of course, however; it helps me keep it uniform and it is easier for my color in stamps. I do use a Hobby Lobby brand without having to use Archival Black. I am able to use just plain Black Ink Pad and color in the stamps without an bleeding going on.

I decided to do this spread little different as I did the days of the week horizontal and smaller to leave more room for stamping and doodling. I found two really great quotes that I added to the page. "Stop hating yourself for everything you aren't and start loving yourself for everything you already are!"; Anonymous and "Expose yourself to your deepest fear, after that, fear has no POWER and you are FREE!", Anonymous. These were gorgeous sayings for a weekly spread!

I decided to go deep into my stash for one set of stamps from Stampin Up, which are all the long tiny flowers; while I am using the new stamp set from Close To My Heart, I Heart Us - Cardmaking; to do the bigger flowers and my little bullets throughout the days of the week.

I kept the first page of two page spread little lighter than second page because it is really busy. I made little bullet journaling lists for YouTube, Reading and Gym. They turn out perfect and little bouquet of flowers to round out this weekly spread!!! Its just simply gorgeous in my eyes!!

Check out the full spread and process video below!!!!

Full Process Video!

Stay Scrappy Friends!

Miranda Webber

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