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Tracking My Reading

Hello Scrappy Friends!

I have finally figured out how I wanted to track my monthly reading! I decided to go to Pinterest and apparently, people love to track their monthly mood. I didn't even realize this was a thing! I changed it up a bit made mine a monthly tracker for how many pages I read each month.

I wanted to see which months I read more than others. I set my Goodreads to read 70 books this year and I know if I see what I am doing each month; I know I can do that challenge.

Reading Place Tracker

Now, while you are looking at this gorgeous tracker, I didn't even know what how I wanted to this look. I just started to doodle and this is what I came up with. And I just wanted to do something little more, that is where this next spread and tracker came into mind. When I was scrolling through Pinterest, I found this coffee cup but it was for a mood tracker but changed it up little bit!

As we finish each month this year, I will be tracking the total amount of pages and coloring in the coffee cup with blue and pink colored theme cup! Again, I did leave some space for other doodles or anything else I may want to add to this tracker.

Check out the full process video with my weekly spread and bonus Pages Read Tracker.

Stay Scrappy Friends!

Miranda Webber

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