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Updated: Jan 15, 2019

Hello Scrappy Friends!

I think everyone has a hobby or two or three of them. I have always had the love for reading, crafting and going to the gym. This layout is all about the gym. Laura Alberts and I brought back Scraplift Sunday; this is where we find someone to scraplift (today is Crafty Jen Schow); find a layout that we would love to recreate. This week, I decided to scraplift one of her Use It or Lose It series layout. Jen was talking about her scraps and how she is going to dive into them to make a layout. She was either gonna use them in the layout or throw them away (lose it). Here is her inspiration for my layout.

Jen's Layout for my Inspiration

It so full of papers and its just stunning and this is the reason why I picked this layout and YouTube Video to scraplift this week! Don't you think?? Now you can do this a million different ways, you can ton it down or tune it all up! Either way, the layout will turn out wonderful no matter how you do it. For me, I took a very colorful turn to this inspiration because I don't keep scraps. I am using a brand new collection called New Day from Dear Lizzy.

Instead of me throwing away what I normally wouldn't use, I kept it on my desk and made sure I used up every little bit I had tore, or cut off of the papers. I did some big pieces for embellishments as Jen did in her layout.

That giraffe is so stinking cute! I just love him and the tiger on the other side of this layout and you will see him soon! See all those little bits of distressing and stickers I used to make this layout just pop right off the page! I also made sure I balanced all the big pieces all the way around this layout.

I made sure that if I tore or distress something, it was all over the place and I had to make sure I got my Missy Whidden with thread. I hope you enjoyed this process and check out the full layout and process video down below!

Stay Scrappy Friends!

Miranda Webber

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