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Summer VacaVibes

Where do I even start. I have not been on my website for long time and while it was great to get away from it all, it is time to come back and feel present not only on here but for my business. Grad School took a lot out of me and I needed a break from writing reports, blogs, and just plain away from the online presents. This did take a hit on my website and the products I sale, which for me, I needed this!

My time away from social media except for posting my Design Team Layouts for commitments, is what I needed! I turned 41 on the 4th of June, I was thinking, I did I get to where I am today without thinking about the past! It brought up sorts of love, hurt, but most importantly, it brought me to the place I needed to get back to grind.

In the first 6 months of 2023, I started in my group, #myscrappylife Facebook Group -- Monthly Virtual Crops and if you are not part of the group, you are missing out! Which has been rock solid keeping me going and I did put most of my time and energy to make it successful for scrapbookers. Summer's Virtual Crop is 22nd through 25th of June! (Click on "Summer's Virtual Crop" to get the invite.)

I have also gotten a huge following not only on YouTube, which my goal is 4K by 2024. My Fracebook Group has grown over 500 members and my goal by the end of 2023, is 1K! If you haven't joined my group -- You are totally missing out!!

This summer, I am going to be adding all my retired STAMPS and STAMP/DIE Sets to the Shop so that I can make room for new retired stamps and stamp/die sets!!! Also, I am working on a schedule that works for me to give you more opportunities to see what is going on in the Facebook Group and YouTube Channel! I have really gotten bad at not posting quick little reminders!!!

Here are quick view of what I have been posted on my social media accounts!

Spiegel Mom Scraps:

If you use "Miranda15" as your Discount Code, you will get 15% off your order.

Shimmerz Paints:

If you use "Miranda" in the comment section of your order, you will receive a sample of a product.


Alright, I have rambled enough about everything! I hope you have a wonderful week and I will talk to you soon!

With Love and Kindness:

Miranda, Owner

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