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Get It Done June


I feel the Blog Title is fitting! I am getting things done in the month June. I feel like I am so far behind on things including my side hustle! But today's layout is all about the Papercrafts YouTube Hop called "Get It Done June".

This layout I did was about getting done my winter layouts done from #HTKAKWS Moodboard. I didn't pick a new board because I need to keep working on my winter layouts! I am still not done but I will.

Click on the layout to see the process of this layout.

I also used Spiegel Mom Scrap's sequin mix to round out this layout! I am collaborating with them this month. Make sure use "Miranda15" for all your sequin orders. And remember slide my MYSKETCHES into your cart and receive 20% off without a code!

Until Next Time, Stay Safe and I will talk to you soon!


Miranda Webber

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