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July Was Epic!

I just couldn't believe my summer went so fast this year. I felt like I just left school to be going back into the school full again! It is just CRAZY! This summer, we stayed local and loved every minute of it. I did summer school, and finished more on my master's degree; the BEST PART was we went camping and going again over Labor Day Weekend!

I wanted to talk about the new class I am offering starting in September but you have all month to prepare for it. Just like Miranda's Sketches Volume 1; you will get two PDFs for the class explaining everything about the class. I am excited to give everyone the opportunity to take this class!!! There are two ways to purchase the class:

If you HAVE PURCHASED the Sketch Booklet, then you just click on the picture below to PURCHASE ONLY the Class!

If you HAVEN'T PURCHASED the sketch booklet, then you will just click on this picture below to PURCHASE both the Sketch booklet and Class.

I am so excited to be offering everything about sketches!

I cannot believe I did so many layouts and process videos this summer! I was able to knock out so many different types of layouts and really got to reset myself not only in the scrappy world but in school as well!! Check out my YouTube Channel for all the fun process videos I made!!!

Until Next Time, Stay Safe and I will talk to you soon!

Miranda Webber

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