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Miranda's Sketches Volume 1

When I made this collection, I would have never thought I would get an amount of amazing messages and of course, customers and subscribers purchasing it. I have been learning more about my lovely website and having customers purchase products. I wanted to let you know what I know.

1. For all international customers, please do not use Paypal Express. Just click on the regular PayPal and it will go through with no issues!

2. You will get an instant email to download the booklet or just make an account and it will be in your order tab!

What I have found that is common throughout the messages is how simple yet very detailed each sketch is. Almost all the sketches has a process video and that is provided at the end of the sketchbook!

I am hoping everyone to take a look and of course, if you have any problems or questions, please let me know!


Miranda Webber, Owner

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